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CBD Oil Manufactures Are Failing To Address Major Consumer Concerns

CBD Validator, an industry resource that owns the most comprehensive database of CBD oil products and a proprietary rating system, shares its latest report on product safety and manufacturers’ transparency. (For more information or to speak with Dr. Portman, please contact rtsang@raizecommunications.com)


Despite increased media attention, consumer confusion about CBD remains high. Until there is clear regulatory oversight with regard to CBD products and claims, manufacturers must provide essential product information to earn consumer trust. CBD manufacturers could take immediate steps by addressing three key areas:

  1. Accuracy – An AMA Study found almost 70% of CBD products sold online did not contain the amount of CBD stated on the label. Consumers often don’t know what they are buying and whether it is priced fairly.
  2. Safety – The hemp plant, because of its ability to act as a sponge, is called a bio-accumulator. Hemp is so efficient at soaking up pesticides and heavy metals that it is used to remove toxic agents like mercury from contaminated soil. A recent study on more than 240 CBD-infused products determined that 70% of the products were found to be “highly contaminated with heavy metals like lead and arsenic, herbicides like glyphosate and a host of other contaminants including pesticides.”
  3. Transparency – Until there is more clarity with wider regulation, manufacturers must make product testing results readily available to consumers. “Readily available” means that consumers can easily access the analytical results on a manufacturer’s website. Consumers should not have to call or email the company for this essential information, nor should they have to purchase the product first, to find such information.

Key Data Points

  1. CBD Validator analyzed 1800 CBD oils currently available for sale in the marketplace.
  2. 40% of CBD oils do not provide any Certificate of Analysis (CofA), a document issued by an independent testing laboratory to assure a product meets specification.  (Fig 1)
  3. 33% of CBD oils only provide a (CofA) for CBD levels.
  4. Only 21% of CBD oils provides a CofA for CBD, heavy metals and pesticides.

Misleading Claims

Many CBD companies misinform consumers with claims suggesting their product is “pesticide-free” or “organic” which implies pesticide-free. For example, of those companies that either do not test or do not make a Certificate of Analysis readily available, 30% claim their product is “pesticide free” and 36% claim their product is “organic”.

Key Insights

CBD manufacturers must improve their efforts to assure consumers that CBD products are safe.

  • In spite of continued consumer confusion about the safety of CBD products, only 21% of manufacturers provide consumers with essential and complete safety data about their product.
  • Readily available Certificate of Analysis for CBD, pesticides and heavy metals should be provided on every manufactured batch.
  • Absent government regulation means that CBD manufacturers should establish responsible guidelines and practices for product testing and more transparency for consumers.
  • Misleading pesticide-free and organic claims by a significant percentage of manufacturers threaten   consumer trust about all CBD products.

About CBD Advanced Science and CBD Validator

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